Fathom Engineering was co-founded in 2013 by Drs. Grewal and Robertson, who have worked together on numerous engineering challenges for over a decade. Fathomís co-founders leverage a network of affiliate consultants to provide a complete solution to your companyís medical device development needs.

Melissa Smith
Business Manager

Melissa likes dogs.

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Scott Robertson, Ph.D.

Scottís passion is to improve the human condition through the development and commercialization of novel solutions for treating complex medical conditions.

Immediately prior to founding Fathom Engineering, Scott held numerous engineering and senior management roles within the medical device design and manufacturing sector in NDCís primary and venture businesses. Throughout his tenure at NDC and its affiliates, Scott focused on technological innovation of implantable Nitinol medical devices, manufacturing process development, and delivery system design. He licensed intellectual property and formed Teneo Medical Development, a novel IVC filter product development company, and negotiated the successful exit following the product development phase. Scott has personally manufactured more than 100 different medical device implants, solving the engineering, quality, regulatory, and business challenges unique to each product.

Prior to joining NDC, Scott provided failure analysis expertise across dozens of industries during his work as an engineer at SRI, Exponent, and Metallurgical Engineering Services. Throughout his career, Scott has authored over 1,000 expert reports, and is published in peer-reviewed journals both in the engineering and clinical fields.

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Devinder Grewal, Ph.D., P.E.
Co-Founder and Principal

As a mechanical engineer specializing in failure analysis and risk management, Dr. Grewal provides engineering consulting services to private and public entities. His work broadly deals with the intersection of engineering with humans and society. He applies knowledge of engineering, science, technology and medicine to multi-disciplinary investigations of accidents and failures to help clients manage risk and make better products. He has investigated a wide range of failures and accidents ranging from consumer products to disasters of national significance.

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Dylan Child, B.S., EIT

Since graduating with a bachelors in science from the Environmental Resources Engineering program at Humboldt State University, Dylan has taken a specific interest in water and wastewater treatment and design. Additionally, his Art Studio minor allows him to blend an aesthetic eye into his engineering designs. Dylan is currently working towards his PE while advancing his practical on the job experience and professional education. Prior to this, Dylan interned with Principia Engineering in San Francisco from 2007 to 2011.

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